About BAZZ

BAZZ founders,  Guy and Simon Benghozi, are the moving force behind the lighting brand. Brothers, they help each other design, develop luminaires. Their creativity, innovative spirit and their taste for modern and contemporary designs have strongly influenced all of BAZZ’s collections throughout the years. From their humble beginnings on a sketch board to the production line, BAZZ luminaires always reveal a unique feel that has helped define the Canadian Residential Lighting industry for over the past 30 years.

The Brief Story of BAZZ

BAZZ inc. is a family enterprise founded by brothers Simon and Guy Benghozi.  Their story begins in 1979 when one of the brothers buys a table lamp to give as a gift: a lamp with an aluminum shade. The limited choice of colors and shapes available is quickly seized as a business opportunity in the world of lighting.

The Benghozis decide to create lamps to appeal to different consumer taste by working on a wide range of forms and colors. In the beginning, their clients are mainly small stores such as gift shops.To enhance their sales, they open a boutique on St. Denis St. in Montreal; first address for BAZZ.

Create An Affordable Design

 Years later, BAZZ takes a new trajectory. The brothers Simon and Guy decide to extend their talents in designing and manufacturing lamps, and expand their creation in the different categories of lighting. The era of the simple lamp with the aluminum shade is coming to an end and BAZZ shifts its focus to floor lamps, pendant lamps, ceiling and wall fixtures etc. The mission of the company is showing new facets. “Our objective was, and still is today, to create affordable lighting while keeping the emphasis on design” says Simon Benghozi.

“To create an affordable design” - Simon Benghozi -


For 7 years, the Benghozis participate in lighting shows across the world. During these years they develop new concepts and designs in lighting; their portfolio becomes more and more impressive and their expertise grows. In 1988, the appearance of halogen lamps in the lighting industry is a turning point for the company. BAZZ becomes the first manufacturer of halogen lighting in Canada. The company takes its wings and sales reap considerable benefits.

A Growing Market

At the same period, there is a change in the market for lighting and their sales force expands. The renovation department stores such as Rona and Home Depot, develop lighting departments and open new centers across Canada. Since BAZZ is already a supplier of large surface stores, it benefits from the increasing points of sales and its sales increase at the same rhythm. Its assembly lines, at the time based only in Montreal, have to keep up with the speed as well. As a consequence, a part of the production is transferred to Asia giving rise to many partnerships. In this burst of expansion, the company creates the first recessed lighting for the consumer market. This is another breaking point for the company and for the history of lighting in Canada. Again sales increase and it becomes clear that the competitive advantage of the company is its innovative edge. 


As the company expands, its team takes on a new dimension. The founders succeed in building a work team whose competence and dedication come to bear on the success enjoyed by the company. The same people, who have been key in the company throughout its development, still form part of the team today.


Today BAZZ has more than 500 points of sales distributed all across Canada and has different production factories located in Ville St-Laurent (Montreal Island) and Asia. With 30 years experience in the conception and manufacture of lighting, BAZZ has become master in its field and a point of reference for lighting in Canada. Always on the alert for new tendencies and new technologies in the world of lighting, BAZZ continues to focus on innovation and design in lighting from its head office in Ville St-Laurent.